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Digital Communications

Class goal: To prepare students for a career in television, radio, photography or video production using the latest digital technologies.

As a young professional you will:

  • Become proficient in digital still photography
  • Learn lighting techniques for video and photography
  • Properly record and edit sound
  • Write and produce commercials, videos and news stories
  • Operate broadcast cameras
  • Edit video on professional digital editing systems

This program will prepare you to pursue the following educational or career opportunities:

  • Broadcast or film degrees
  • Corporate or wedding video production
  • Broadcast news gathering
  • Television or radio commercial production
  • Identifying a career specialty of interest such as videography, photography, editing or lighting for film and TV

Teacher - John Jones

  • Over 20 years experience in producing for television and video
  • Worked on approximately 1,000 commercials, 5 documentaries and dozens of videos
  • Awards include 25 local and national marketing and television awards including an Iris from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and an Emmy nomination
  • Directed, photographed or wrote for celebrities from Hollywood, NASCAR, CBS News, Pennsylvania’s First Lady and the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
  • Credits include PBS and The History Channel
  • Work reviewed in three national trade magazines
  • Extensive experience in aerial photography, set construction, non-linear editing, studio direction and the lighting of both intimate and large sets
  • A.S. in Automotive Technology, Williamsport (PA) Area Community College
  • A.A. in Journalism, Williamsport (PA) Area Community College
  • B.A. in Humanities/Journalism, Penn State University
  • 2007 Teacher of the Year nominee