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School Lunch Menus

April 2014 Elementary Menu (pdf)
April 2014 Elementary Menu (print-friendly pdf)
April 2014 Middle Menu (pdf)
April 2014 High Menu (pdf)

Breakfast is available in all schools. Cost is $1.25 and reduced breakfast is free.  Elementary lunches are $2.05.  Secondary lunches are $2.30 and reduced lunch is $.40.

If you are looking for part time work, please log on to and look under jobseekers on the home page. 


April 2014 MMFA Elem and Middle Breakfast Nutritionals (pdf)
April 2014 MMFA High Breakfast Nutritionals (pdf)
April 2014 Regular Breakfast Nutritionals (pdf)
April 2014 Elementary Lunch Nutritionals (pdf)
April 2014 Middle Lunch Nutritionals (pdf)
April 2014 High Lunch Nutritionals (pdf)

Ala Carte Carb Counts (pdf)
Breakfast Items Master Carb List (pdf)
Master Carb List (pdf)

Asian Wings 1 (pdf)
Asian Wings 2 (pdf)
BBQ Chicken Sub (pdf)
BBQ Pork Sandwich 1 (pdf)
BBQ Pork Sandwich 2 (pdf)
Breaded Pork Chop 1 (pdf)
Breaded Pork Chop 2 (pdf)
Caesar Salad 1 (pdf)
Caesar Salad 2 (pdf)
Catfish on Flatbread (pdf)
Cheeseburger 1 (pdf)
Cheeseburger 2 (pdf)
Chef Salad 1 (pdf)
Chef Salad 2 (pdf)
Chicken Alfredo (pdf)
Chicken BLT Wrap (pdf)
Chicken Drumstick (pdf)
Chicken Nugget 1 (pdf)
Chicken Nugget 2 (pdf)
Chicken Nugget 3 (pdf)
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich 1 (pdf)
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich 2 (pdf)
Chicken Patty Sandwich (pdf)
Chicken Rice Bowl (pdf)
Chicken Tender Salad 1 (pdf)
Chicken Tender Salad 2 (pdf)
Chicken Tenders (pdf)
Chili (pdf)
Club Sandwich 1 (pdf)
Club Sandwich 2 (pdf)
Club Wrap (pdf)
Cold Cut Sub (pdf)
Fish Sticks 1 (pdf)
Fish Sticks 2 (pdf)
Fish Sticks 3 (pdf)
Garden Salad 1 (pdf)
Garden Salad 2 (pdf)
General Tso 1 (pdf)
General Tso 2 (pdf)
Ham and Cheese Flatbread (pdf)
Ham Sub (pdf)
Ham Wrap (pdf)
Hamburger 1 (pdf)
Hamburger 2 (pdf)
Hot Turkey Sandwich 1 (pdf)
Hotdog 1 (pdf)
Hotdog 2 (pdf)
Lasagna 1 (pdf)
Lasagna 2 (pdf)
Mac and Beef 1 (pdf)
Mac and Beef 2 (pdf)
Mandarin Chicken Salad 1 (pdf)
Mandaric Chicken Salad 2 (pdf)
Mashed Potato Bowl (pdf)
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (pdf)
Nachos and Queso 1 (pdf)
Nachos and Queso 2 (pdf)
Nachos Grande (pdf)
Popcorn Chicken 1 (pdf)
Popcorn Chicken 2 (pdf)
Popcorn Chicken 3 (pdf)
Sesame Chicken Pita (pdf)
Shrimp Poppers 1 (pdf)
Shrimp Poppers 2 (pdf)
Steak and Cheese 1 (pdf)
Steak and Cheese 2 (pdf)
Steamer Sub (pdf)
Steamer (pdf)
Stuffed Crust Dippers (pdf)
Stuffed Shells 1 (pdf)
Stuffed Shells 2 (pdf)
Sweet and Sour Chicken (pdf)
Taco Meat Chicken (pdf)
Taco Shell Doritos (pdf)
Taco Shell Hard (pdf)
Taco Shell Soft (pdf)
Teriyaki Chicken (pdf)
Teriyaki Chicken 2 (pdf)
Tuna Salad Sandwich (pdf)
Tuna Salad Wrap (pdf)
Turkey Sandwich (pdf)
Turkey Sub (pdf)
Turkey Wrap (pdf)





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