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School Delays & Closings

Washington County Public Schools has a very thorough school delay and closure process. Notifications are available on the WCPS website, through e-mail, text message, messages on the WCPS main phone line at 301-766-2800 and through local media. NOTE: Weather related delays and cancellations will be reported on the main phone line as soon as decisions are reached.  If you hear the general greeting, there is nothing to report.

WCPS continues to offer text messaging as an option for you to receive emergency communications. As of the 2014-2015 school year, our notification program is called Connect 5 and gives WCPS more flexibility in communicating with parents and the community, and will give parents more control over how to receive their notifications. WCPS will use Connect 5 in the form of phone calls, emails and text messages to communicate school delays, closings, early dismissals, other emergency situations, and a variety of system and school-related announcements. Here is an important change for the 2014-2015 school year:

For members of the community who do not have a child or children in Washington County Public Schools, please visit in order to sign up for school delay and closing text messages.
For parents who have a child or children in the school system, a portal is available at that already has cell phone numbers posted for receiving text messages, but also allows parents to manage additional contact information. Parents of WCPS students are advised to contact your child(ren)'s school(s) and confirm that updated cell and other phone numbers, and email addresses are updated.

WCPS Employees...the chart below shows the color codes that will be used when inclement weather or other circumstances cause a change in work schedules:

Employee inclement weather codes

*ESP employees, please refer to section 6.11 of the negotiated agreement, entitled Inclement Weather.

For more information on school delay and closing procedures.

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