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Barbara Ingram School for the Arts Receives Prestigious Shirley Cooper Award for Exceptional Design

HAGERSTOWN, MD (November 19, 2009) – The American Association of School Administrators, the American Institute of Architects and the Council of Educational Facility Planners International 2010 Architectural Jury recently awarded Barbara Ingram School for the Arts the 2010 Shirley Cooper Award. The award recognizes the school for exceptionally meeting the educational needs of students through design and partnerships with local educational institutions. Nominated by the architectural firm who created the building design, Cho Benn Holback and Associates, Barbara Ingram School for the Arts is described as a school that is a “welcomed addition to what a high school can be.”

“This award further emphasizes the unique qualities of the school and our dedication to providing students with exceptional educational opportunities and support,” said Michael Thorsen, principal.

The school will be officially honored at the National Conference on Education in Phoenix, Ariz., February 11-13, 2010.

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