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Contact Us - Washington County Public Schools

We believe in making it as easy as possible for you to contact the right person or department in the Washington County Public School system.

Public Information Office

The Public Information Office is always ready to serve your need for information, answers to questions and directions to take in order to better navigate your way through our system.

Richard Wright
Communications Officer

Will Kauffman
School Communications/Web Coordinator

Meghan Waters
Public Information Assistant

Public Information Office Fax Number: 301-766-2857. Look for Feedback prompts throughout the WCPS website, designed to give you the opportunity to comment on the website and on education in Washington County Public Schools.

Public Information Requests

There is no specific form for public information requests.  Interested parties wishing to submit an official public information request, under Maryland law, need to submit a letter, e-mail or hand-written note to Richard Wright, WCPS communications officer. The request must have contact information included. The address for mailing and for dropping off a request is below.

Office of the Ombudsman

You should also be aware of the role of the Ombudsman in Washington County Public Schools. Citizen and staff involvement, customer service and open communication are keys to successfully reaching the goal of a world class education for all students. The Office of the Ombudsman is designed to listen to staff and citizen complaints, investigate and respond appropriately. Realizing that individual situations will differ, the Ombudsman still must follow Board policy, make sure rules are followed and be fair to all parties involved.
Please contact the Office of the Ombudsman for information on the steps involved in filing a complaint and the activity that will follow. You can contact the Ombudsman in the following ways:

  • In person at the Board of Education's Central Office on Commonwealth Avenue, Hagerstown
  • Phone: 301-766-2996
  • Email
  • Fax: 301-766-2857
  • By completing a Citizen/Employee Complaint form (1 page PDF)

Your complaint will be addressed and it could reveal a problem in the school system that was not previously known, and could lead to changes that positively affect the situation for others. That means an improved Washington County Public School System for all of us.

General Contact Info

Street Address
Washington County Public Schools
10435 Downsville Pike
Hagerstown, MD 21740